Writing to the President

Have you ever written a letter to the President of the United States? Probably not. He’s a busy person to be sure, and doesn’t have the time to read every message he receives. However you can be sure that someone does. Every President has a staff that reads each letter, email, and direct correspondence he receives, distills them down to their core message, and counts them. It’s those counts that make it to the President’s desk.

Proloquor.net provides those same results for the President of the United States, and all of us, at scale. Proloquor cultivates a community of members who volunteer to answer questions about their opinion on a wide range of issues on a daily basis. Proloquor tabulates all those responses, and provides the basic results back to the community for their review for free. This creates a sense of ownership within the community, motivating them to answer more questions, and convincing their friends to do the same.

But the real power of Proloquor is revealed when people commission it to answer questions about specific issues they care about, and correlate those responses with any other question the community has been asked in the past. Let’s say, for example, you’re interested in starting a new business. You might want to know “How many people would be interested in the idea?” “What features would be most desired?”

You might also want to break that information down by age, gender, race, location, etc. to get a better idea of how to market the product. You may also want to know how enthusiasm for the idea compares to, say, support for a recent legal issue. Using a traditional polling service, you’d have to design, and pay for, the entire campaign up front. If you want to add a question later, you’d have to start the whole campaign over. But with Proloquor, you can focus on the core questions you care about, and then uncover all those relationships with other responses at a pace your imagination, and budget, will allow without having to restart the campaign.

We are data and statistical analysis professionals, focusing solely on providing our clients with an accurate and detailed snapshot of the public opinion, and the community with an engaging and safe experience, without any cultural bias or political agenda, so we feel Proloquor is uniquely positioned to serve your opinion research and business intelligence needs.

But we need your help. We want you to become a Proloquor client and commission us to help you answer those questions that keep you up at night. But what we really want you to do is simply engage. Become a member of the Proloquor community and add your voice to the growing chorus that is helping to understand popular opinion. We think Proloquor is democracy in the 21st century, and we think you should be a part of it.

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